September's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Anais Foley-Kennedy

Mom to: Jack

Member since: September 2016

Why Anais loves Body Back, in her own words: Moving back to Davis when I was pregnant with my little guy a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure what Davis would be like as a grown up. I love the community that Emily, Christina & Kristen have cultivated with Fit4Mom Davis. Body Back is my jam when I am not chasing after a toddler, slinging makeup brushes, doing yoga or a million other SAHM things. There is something so cleansing after one of the sessions & it not only kicks my booty but it is so sweet for the soul. Often during the meditation portion, their words bring tears to my eyes. I am a better mother, parent, friend, etc. because of these dynamic women. On Saturday mornings you can usually find me at Community Park (behind the library parking lot) hosting FREE Yoga In The Park or join me at Metta Yoga Davis for a thoughtful flow.

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August's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Michele Meza

Mom to: Sofia and Mia

Member since: July 2016

Interesting fact about Michele, in her own words: I've played soccer for 13 years and can't wait to be that crazy soccer mom toting my kids around to tournaments. I even secretly picked our last new car purchase because it looked perfect for transporting half-time snacks (orange slices and Caprisuns, of course). I also spent my younger years growing up in Europe, so I have a huge travel bug! I can already see my girls sharing the same love for exploration and thankfully, will be my travel buddies in the near future!

Why this mom loves Stroller Strides, in her own words: Stroller Strides has been a saving grace for me with my second baby! It is the much needed sanity break that's everything in one for a momma! You get a great workout, meet the best moms around, and gain some patience with those endorphins that allow you to get back in the game and be super mom! I'm so lucky to be a part of it!


July's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Jenny Hamlin

Mom to: Will and Breanna

Member since: November 2015

What's something fun/interesting that you would want others to know about you?

Interesting fact about Jenny, in her own words: I love to water ski! I learned to water ski when I was 8 years old on Lake Almanor where my family still vacations every year. It's still my favorite thing to do, at my favorite place, with my favorite people, and I can't wait to teach my kids. One of the reasons I was first drawn to my husband was because he invited me to go water skiing with him!

Why this mom loves Stroller Strides, in her own words: There are so many reasons why I love stroller strides! I have always enjoyed working out. After having kids I thought I would have to get into shape before I tried Stroller Strides but quickly found out that I could do it even right after my daughter was born. As I get in better shape, the workouts are still challenging and the instructors always make class fun. I love the Stroller Strides village of moms and how much everyone genuinely cares for one another. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful community of moms to sweat with and to raise my kids with!

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June's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Katelyn Woods

Mom to: Beatrix and June

Member since: April 2016

A fun fact and why this mom loves Stroller Strides, in her own words: For my first three and a half years of motherhood, I would exercise every once in a while because I knew I should - never because I actually wanted to. Then I went to my first Stroller Strides class and my kids and I had so much fun! It was inspiring to be surrounded by a bunch of other moms who happily fit exercise into their daily routine. A few months later I joined the fall Fit4Mom running club, and then that winter, I trained more than 250 miles on my own and ran my first half marathon in March. A couple months ago I started playing rugby again. I feel happier and more like myself than I have since college. I love that my girls are getting to see their mama thrive and it all started with Stroller Strides. Thank you!!


May's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Molly Desantis

Mom to: Stanley, Weldon and Parker

Member since: August 2016

Interesting fact about Molly, in her own words: One thing a lot of people don't know about me is that I used to be a singer. I grew up singing with the San Francisco Girls Chorus, and sang through college (Sara Bareilles was in my college choir) and medical school. My goal is to start singing again soon! We got a piano for Christmas, so hopefully it'll start happening!

Why this mom loves Stroller Strides, in her own words: I absolutely love Stroller Strides! I love getting outside with other wonderful mommies and babies, and I feel so much stronger than I have in years! I'm so grateful to be part of this community.

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April's Mom of the Month

This Mom: Dagan Sade

Mom to: Gal (7 years old), Peleg (4 years old)

Member since: August 2016

Interesting fact about Dagan, in her own words: When I was 24 years old, I decided to dedicate my life to understanding plants and pathogen interaction. I earned my bachelor degree in Plant science and continued to a master’s and Ph.D degree in plant genetics. During this period, I gave birth to two small beautiful pathogens (Gal & Peleg) who inspire my daily life. We lived in Israel, but recently (4 years ago), relocated to Davis.

Why this mom loves Stroller Strides: Starting the day with an hour of exercise is the best start of the day; it gives me a boost of energy. The Stroller Strides classes vary day from day which makes it interesting. In addition, I very much enjoy hanging out with this amazing group of moms and have made some wonderful new friendships.

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