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This Mom: Anais (Ana) Foley-Kennedy

Mom to: Jackson (2 years old)

Member since: September 2016

Interesting fact about Ana, in her own words: I'm a beauty junkie and yoga enthusiast—it’s all about balance, right? Currently enrolled in an Amba (Women’s Embodiment Yoga) Teacher Training, I am always looking for ways to share my passions with others; sometimes it’s teaching how to apply eyeliner or guiding someone to relax in Shavasana. I enjoy spending time gardening, exploring with my son & escaping to attend Fit4Mom Body Back classes with fellow mamas.

Why Ana loves Fit4Mom Davis, in her own words: Body Back/Strides has helped me regain my confidence, meet amazing women & squeeze into clothes pre bebe. I am ever grateful for all of you & of course Christina, Emily & Kristen. Cheers!

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Read the newsletter to find out what's happening in Our Village this month!


This Mom: Eve Hightower

Mom to: Paige (15 months)

Member since: June 2017

Interesting fact about Eve, in her own words: My husband and I set a goal of summiting the five tallest mountains in California after climbing the tallest, Mount Whitney (elevation: 14,505 feet, tallest mountain in the contiguous U.S.), having never hiked or climbed a “14er” before. Since then, we’ve summited White Mountain and Mount Shasta, and attempted the rugged and elusive Mount Williamson twice.

Why Eve loves Body Back, in her own words: I love that I’m able to workout while playing with and singing to my daughter. It’s such a rich community for moms and little ones.


Stroller Strides

"I absolutely love Stroller Strides! I love getting outside with other wonderful mommies and babies, and I feel so much stronger than I have in years! I'm so grateful to be part of this community." - Molly Desantis, mom to Stanley, Weldon and Parker

"Stroller Strides is a dream come true for me – I get to be active, outside, with my daughter, all while meeting other wonderful moms. It truly feels like a judgment free time, and I love the tradition of hanging out at the park after class." - Caitlin Boulware, mom to Andilyn and Lyric

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Fit4Mom Davis! Stroller Strides is a wonderful way to bond with your children, build a community all while getting fit!" - Jessica Guerrieri, mom to Charlotte and Madeleine

"Stroller Strides with Emily is the best workout I've gotten since having my kids. I thought I was in decent shape because I run several days a week, but Emily kicked my butt from the very first class and I loved it! I keep coming back for more! I would highly recommend this class to any mommy!!" - Allison Olson, mom to Rowan and Liam

"I joined Stroller Strides as a way to get back into shape after the birth of my son. Not only am I now under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm developing muscle tone that I haven't seen since I was a high school athlete! I love that I get to work out with a wonderful group of smart, motivated, and supportive women, and I know I'm setting a good example for my son, too." - Devon Scheitrum, mom to Wolfgang and Gretchen

"Stroller Strides is a wonderful gift to the Davis area. It's a non-judgmental workout. My daughter who is 21 months just loves the days we go. It took her a while to open up but now she sings along to the songs we sing as we workout. She talks about stroller strides all the time. I am very grateful that I am setting a great example to her at an early age. She is starting to mimic stretches, lunges, tries to skip, push ups and such. I can't even put into words fully how this group has positively impacted my life." - Ashley Curtis, mom to Maya

"I love coming to Stroller Strides each week because there's a community of women who hold me accountable--if I had a gym membership, I'd never go or I'd get stuck doing the same weekly routine and seeing few results. Emily does a great job of diversifying the workouts. I'm in better shape than I was before I was pregnant and I have more fun exercising too. But I think the most rewarding part is watching my 22-month-old run around the house, yelling "Push-ups!" and "Jumping-jacks!" - Lindsey Douros, mom to Alida and Aurelia

"I love Stroller Strides because it’s efficient and effective. Exercise. check. Hawk gets to hang out with kids his age. check. I get to converse with other women. check. I feel like I've accomplished so much by 10am!" - Emilie Hamilton, mom to Harlow and Hawk

"On top of the fun, varied and HARD workouts, I love getting to hang out with other moms and get all of the benefits that come with a moms group- great advice, tips, and lots of laughs. On top of that, Lachlan gets some quality outdoor time and loves watching the older kids (and moms) play- he's always exhausted after class and takes a nice long nap so I can get some work done!" - Sara Kross, mom to Lachlan


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This Mom: Kari Fisher

Mom to: Andrew (5) and Elizabeth (2)

Member since: March 2017

Interesting fact about Kari, in her own words: I’m a NorCal native who earned a degree in Environmental Science and uses it while practicing law. I love the mountains and hiking with my husband (and kids), especially around Lake Tahoe.

Why Kari loves Body Back, in her own words: I love Body Back not only because of the fabulous workouts and instructors, but because of the sense of community, friendship, and daily support given and received, not only as it relates to working out and leading a healthy lifestyle, but also as it relates to the journey of motherhood and life! The Body Back community is truly a place where “everyone knows your name and is glad you came!”

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Read the newsletter to find out what's happening in Our Village this month!

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Good Day Sacramento CBS 13 and Reporter Cambi Brown visit FIT4MOM Davis' Body Back class at 5:30am.

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Davis Enterprise story on A New Year and A New Boost for Moms.

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Davis Enterprise story featured in the special Mother's Day Celebrate Mom section.

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Good Day Sacramento CBS 13 and Reporter Cambi Brown visit FIT4MOM Davis here in Community Park.